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Physical pain is a very common phenomenon in our lives, and most of the time ignore it. But if that pain does not go away, but instead keeps intensifying, then we need medical treatment for it. Brufen 400 mg is the medical treatment which can help you get rid of that pain. We are talking about not any one type of pain, but the range of painful sensations such as during periods, cold, arthritis, headache, toothache, fever, an injury etc.

Using Brufen 400mg as per the prescription will ensure that you overcome all the variety of pain discussed above as quickly as possible. Its use has become very common because pain is something to which everyone is highly vulnerable. Let’s check out more about Brufen 400mg.

How to use:

  • The use of Brufen 400mg is not something that will surprise present you, because the steps are mostly the same for most of the tablets you had taken earlier.
  • Brufen 400mg is a prescription-driven medicine, while taking the tablet you must ensure that you are always following the prescription. Doing anything against the prescription can have damaging consequences to health.
  • Brufen 400mg tablets are made to be swallowed only. Patients must not try breaking, chewing or harming the tablet physically.
  • The pills of Brufen 400 are strict to be dissolved with water. This means as a patient you must not try dissolving Brufen 400mg with other beverages except water.
  • The notable thing about the tablet Brufen 400mg is that it is to be consumed after food only. On an empty stomach, the chemical in it, i.e., Ibuprofen will have damaging effects.
  • Everything may be correct but still, the drug may not give fewer results. To overcome this problem, you should be punctual in taking tablets, i.e., you should try to consume pills at the same time whenever you take them.

What is in Brufen 400mg?

Ibuprofen is the main active ingredient in Brufen 400mg. Thus, you can say that Ibuprofen is the element in Brufen 400mg that actually helps in relieving pain. Besides Ibuprofen you can find several ingredients mostly, preservatives and catalysts in minute percentages. You can find the name of all the prominent ingredients on the back of the tablet.

The active ingredient is of great significance as it also holds as a test to check whether a patient has to be given the drug or not. For instance, if a patient is found allergic to Ibuprofen then he or she could not be given Brufen 400mg.

Brufen 400 Mg uses:

You use Brufen 400mg only for one reason, to achieve great relief from a range of pains. These could be your simple pain or inflammation after running or playing your favourite game. It could be your menstruation pain, body ache, pain during fever, or symptoms of arthritis, Brufen 400 mg is the one-stop solution for all.

But you must remember a point that Brufen 400mg and the uses derived from it will benefit you utmost, only when there is the backing of accurate application of prescription.

How often can you take Ibuprofen?

Like dosage, how often can you take Ibuprofen will also depend on each patient. For all such information, it is recommended to see what the doctor has prescribed in the prescription. For some patients, it can only be 1 pill in a day but for others, it could be 2 pills, one in the morning after breakfast and another in the afternoon or night, after meal obviously.

How does Brufen 400 mg work?

Brufen 400mg has to perform only one task, which is to relieve the patient from pain of any kind. Now, we feel pain because the part of the body which is causing pain is sending signals of pain to the brain. After interpreting the signal, we come to feel the pain in that body part. Brufen 400 mg or Ibuprofen 400mg, the main ingredient basically restricts the secretion of chemicals or substances that initiate inflammation, pain or irritation.

For the same reason, Brufen 400mg belongs to the category of pills known as a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID). In common terms, it is called a painkiller.

Brufen 400 Mg Dosage:

  • Now let’s talk about what is the dosage of Brufen 400mg should you take. Well, there is not any single and exact dosage for Brufen 400mg, it all depends on what is given in the prescription. A doctor gives a certain dosage to a patient after running various checks on the patient’s immune system, previous health disorders, food choice, breathing patterns, blood pressure, mental health and everything else important, is considered.
  • Hence, the dosage is specific for a patient. The dosage given to you may not work for another patient. Talking about how much ibuprofen I can take, please see the prescription for it. There are times when the doctor may increase or decrease the dosage as per requirement. Brufen other dosages Brufen 800 Mg and Brufen 600 Mg.

Brufen 400 Mg side effects:


Patients have complained about feeling constipated following the consumption of Brufen 400mg or Brufen 800.


  • Whatever you may have in your breakfast could get expelled from your mouth after intake of a pill of Brufen 400mg.
  • But in all the side effects caused due to Brufen 400 mg, you should not try getting medical attention because it is not needed. The majority of the side effects that occurred are very minor and harmless. They will go away organically once the body gets habituated to the medicine.
  • When the drug is new to the body, the body shows its response to the new chemical in the form of side effects. But if any of the side effects do not get over but remain then you may take the help of the respective doctor.

How to easy order Brufen 400 mg?

  • Why are you worrying about buying Brufen 400mg when Rxmedsaustralia is at your service? The makers of the medicine have ensured that it reaches to most needy people. Due to this attitude, the medicine is very easily available in the markets of Australia, the US and the UK as well.
  • All you need to take care of is that you carry the proper prescription. You must be wondering what is the need for a prescription while ordering from Rxmedsaustralia. But Rxmedsaustralia is not just any other portal, it is renowned for its high-level customer service.
  • Hence, it verifies the soft copy of the prescription which the patients have to upload at the time of buying Brufen 400 mg or any medicine.


Is Brufen 400mg safe to use?

This is a very common and possible question to arise in the minds of users before they swallow a pill of Brufen 400 mg or any medicine. But with Brufen 400mg you need not take the stress of its safety because FDA has already approved it along with several other government regulators of multiple nations.

Can it have Brufen 400 mg alcohol?

Having Brufen 400mg with alcohol will take you in a situation where you may be vulnerable to a lot of side effects. This is because it is mentioned in the manual that Brufen 400 mg has to be swallowed with water.

Can I chew Brufen 400 mg tablets?

Of course not!!! Brufen 400mg tablets are to be swallowed as a whole only.

Active Ingredient (Generic Name):



Pain relief, Fever


Abbott India Pvt Ltd


15 tablets in 1 strip


400 Mg

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6 To 15 days


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