Shipping and Payment

At RXMedsAustralia we provide you with fast shipping and ETA. In case you want to check out the shipping and ETA guidelines you can check out the clear-cut details here.

Shipping at the lowest cost on RXMedsAustralia

At RXMedsAustralia we provide the customers with the lowest cost of shipping your orders right to your doorstep. With us, you will be able to get your order right at your doorstep. We make our dedicated efforts to try and serve you in the lowest time possible.

At RXMedsAustralia we can guarantee you the lowest cost of shipping and courier for both domestic and international orders.

Shipping around the world and expected ETA

RX Meds Australia is a large supplier of medicines. We can provide you with both home & international orders. Both domestic orders and international orders are processed by us.

We are one of the largest sellers of both prescription medicines and generic drugs around the world. Along with this, you will be able to get a fast time to ship directly to your home.

We promise that we try and keep up with each of our customers. For domestic deliveries, we generally complete the shipping process within 7 days. And as for international orders, we will be able to process your orders within 15 days.  

Conditions to check out for availing free shipping RXMedsAustralia

At RX Meds Australia we provide you with a free shipping limited-time deal too. This is a limited-time offer from time to time. In case you wish to avail of zero shipping charges on your orders you will need to check out the medicine brands that this offer is given for.

Check out all the terms and states and then only proceed with the order. However, during the order confirmation page, you will be able to check and confirm whether you are eligible for the zero charges on your shipping.

Conditions to know about for customs delay

In case your shipping order is held at the customs department then we shall not be responsible for the delay. This time is generally not included in our shipping time and ETA.

You need to know that it is the sole duty of the customer to go for customs department queries and to clear them out. In case any charges or penalty needs to be paid then the same has to be borne by the customer only.

Things to know about in the state of an emergency

In case of an emergency such as during a possible lockdown or other emergencies such as political breakdown, war, and other unforeseen natural calamities and disasters the general time for ETA and the actual time to deliver the product to the customer’s address may differ widely. We should in no way be answerable for this. 

Basic guidelines to provide the basic details of providing your address

The customer must supply the exact details of their address. In case you do not provide us with the correct address then your shipment may return to us.

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