Cancellation Policy

At RXmedsAustralia we provide the customers with the ability where they would be eligible to cancel their orders. At RXmedsAustralia before proceeding with your cancellation you can always check out on the detailed instruction guidelines as given here.

Putting the reason for your cancelation

Whereas at RXmedsAustralia we always give rights to our customers to cancel their orders anytime, they will still have to mention the reason for cancelling their order. We believe that although it might be any reason that you have in mind, sharing it with us might just be helpful in bettering our customer service the next time you buy form us.

At RXmedsAustralia, although we try and provide you with the best after sales service such as by providing faster delivery, low cost of shipping and courier and providing a wide range of services, it could happen that we are not able to fulfill your expectations.

Canceling your order online

Every customer has a secured portal on our website that gives them access to all the basic functions including the rights to cancelling their order. You may cancel your order online by logging into your portal and then following the instruction guidelines for cancelation.

Our cancelation order is secured in the form of an OTP transaction sent to the mail and the contact number of the customer. Only on verifying your details and then reconfirming with your order cancelation package will the same be processed.

Canceling your orders offline

If you don’t want to cancel your order online or else in case if you don’t have the access to internet to follow with the instruction online then we also have another option for you.

You can cancel your order offline with us just by calling us on our customer helpdesk number and then proceeding on. Our tele-executive will help you to cancel your order.

Charges for canceling your order

RX Meds Australia ha a cancelation charges for the customers for each order cancelation. You will be able to cancel your order but then the charges will be deducted from your order amount and after final settlement will the same be processed. 

Till when can customers cancel their order

At RX Meds Australia we have quite flexible rules for canceling your order. You will be able to cancel your order any time till you have received the order by courier at your doorstep.

Make sure that once the product is delivered at your home you can no more cancel your order but ask us for a refund and replacement of your existing product. After this we will initiate the process for refund and replacement according to the standard guidelines. We give customers a maximum of up to 7 days for replacing their orders. 

Refund rules &  guidelines

Once you have cancelled your order successfully you will receive an email from us. This mail will give you the details about your total refund value.

The details of the information you need to share with us as a part of your refund such as your bank account number and other details, the complete guidelines will be given below. Make sure to inform us about your refund account details post which we shall be able to initiate the transaction. It may take about 7 days for the refund amount to be processed at our end.

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