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RXmedsaustralia provides you with clear and simple terms and conditions for its customers so that any chances of miscommunication and dispute can be prevented right at the beginning. We encourage all our customers to check out the term and conditions page to avoid all confusion.

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Providing all detail correctly

  • You will need to fill in all your details correctly. Filing up the details during your order you would be asked about all necessary information such as your age, email id, contact number, and other information.
  • All customers are hereby requested to check the filled details properly or else this might easily lead you to cancellation.
  • Also, we recommend that before confirming the final order you will need to check out the details of the medicine ordered. RXmedsaustralia will not be responsible for any problem at your end. 

Shipping medicine packages to your home

  • RXmedsaustralia ships medicine packages to the home of the customer. For this, all you need to do is to ensure to fill up the address of the dispatch correctly.
  • Shipping your medicines will take time. We commit to customers to ensure the fastest home delivery of medicines at cheap rates.
  • But during any chances of an unforeseen emergency, you may not be able to get your medicines at the right time.
  • For domestic deliveries, it will not take more than a week time while for international orders it may take you more than 15 days. This excludes any emergency and also the customs delay which is beyond our control. 

Pricing Policy and availing discounts

  • You can check out the pricing of various pills on our website itself. We also offer discounts and cashback offers from time to time.
  • We do not guarantee you any cashback or discount as these are subject to various rules and regulations. Make sure to check out all the given details as this will help you in getting adequate information.
  • The pricing policy might change as well and this will not be communicated to the customers in advance

Cancelation and Refund Policy

  • RXmedsaustralia also provides customers the chance to cancel their orders and ask for a refund at any time. RXmedsaustralia provides simple ways of cancelation and refunds.
  •  You will be able to cancel your order any time before it reaches you. Make sure to follow the guidelines and check out our detailed page on cancelation and refund to find out more about the stringent company policies.
  • Refunds are only made online provided we go through your refund request and after checking out that all the details have been filled up correctly.
  • It will take around 7 days from the date of your request to complete the refund process. You must provide all the detailed banking information correctly.
  • Once w process your refund amount after deducting all the charges we do not take any further initiative to check into the matter.

Use of drugs bought from our portal

  • The effects of drugs used from our portal will be the same as when you buy them from any other genuine means.
  • Remember that we always suggest the patients check out with the confirmation of a doctor before finalizing your order. 

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