Return and refund

At RXMedsAustralia we provide you with return and refund rules here. We give our customers the option to be able to return and refund their orders. In case you wish to return your order package and look for a refund then check out the detailed guidelines given here on this page.

Provide the reason for returning your product

At RXMedsAustralia we give you the full rights to return your product to us. But you will need to provide us with the reason for returning your product to us. This can be done at the time of processing the return transaction online through your portal. Make sure to authenticate your reason and provide us with a valid reason.

Providing your reason for return allows us to make our customer services even better and allow us to provide you with an even better shopping experience the next time you shop from our portal.

Till when can you return your orders to us?

At RX Meds Australia we provide you with a 7-day time till which you will be able to return your product to us. Make sure that you will have to conduct your return transaction within this time. This seven-day period will start from the day you receive your package from our registered courier.

This 7-day period also comes with all holidays such as Sundays and other public holidays included in it.  It is a clear-cut policy by the members at RXMedsAustralia that we shall not entertain you any further for your product return once this seven-day period expires.

What are the basic refund guidelines you have to know about?

Now once you initiate the return and refund transaction online we shall begin with the process of the product return. We shall be sending one of our executives to your provided address.

Our executive bears the entire right to make a call on whether the product can be returned or not. Our executive will check out the signs of product tampering, product use, and broken seal or torn sachet.

After this, the executive will return to our hub along with the product. You will receive an acknowledgment from our end informing you of your successful product return and then we will initiate the task of refund.

You will have to share with us the relevant bank account details in which you want us to refund the money.

Deduction of all charges

We will refund the amount only after deducting all charges such as the return charges. Taxes paid at the time of buying are not refunded as well.

Providing correct bank account details

It is the sole duty of the customer to provide us with active bank account details. We shall not be responsible for any non-payment of your refund money.

As soon as we initiate the transaction for your refund you will receive an email About the same from us. Once this is done our duty to the customer ends here and we shall not entertain you anymore.

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