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Description of Fildena 50 mg:

Fildena 50 mg is a potent tablet that can be associated with alleviating erectile dysfunction conditions at a rapid rate and enable a healthy body to be achieved at the earliest.

The tablets have received a lot of reputation over the years for furnishing potent capabilities of dressing erectile dysfunction conditions in the most suitable way possible.

An individual who incorporated these tablets into their system can certainly alleviate themselves from acute sexual disabilities and assist proper health.

What Is Fildena 50 mg Tablet?

Fildena 50mg contains generic sildenafil alongside different other chemical substances. This has been one of the critical reasons why the tablet is so integrated into furnishing a unique response to facilitating proper blood penetration in the penis.

In Australia, the tablet is also really popular. An individual can Buy Fildena 50 mg at the best deals possible from online portals like  It is also procurable in other online stores.

Fildena 50 mg has been designated to alleviate conditions of high-intensity erectile dysfunction for men above the age of 21 years. The tablet should be incorporated with caution for men above 45 years.


Fildena 50 is manufactured by Fortune Healthcare in their well-established and regulated facilities of producing mask medications in India. Being a generic drug produced in abundant quantities, it makes the tablet affordable for individuals across different economical backgrounds.

The company holds the right to produce it make it and export it to different parts of the world. It has also set up different logistical hubs in these countries.


Filedna 150 mg pill is composed of generic Sildenafil or Viagra this has made the tablet to be effective information proper responses associated with alleviating erectile dysfunction.

The tablet can assist normal blood pressure conditions to formulate in the system which is critical for the penal region to receive abundant blood for a good hard erection.

The medication encompasses the PDE-type 5 inhibitors, a potent drug substance which can facilitate active responses in the penal region at the time of getting aroused.

How to Take Fildena 50 mg Tablet:

  • Fildena 50 mg needs to be consumed by gulping it down with some water through your throat. Many people might want to incorporate any medical fluid alongside it, however, it is not advised until and unless the doctor recommends it.
  • Daily consumption of the tablet throughout the course of the medication is needed to get a positive reaction.
  • The medication can induce different kinds of contradictions if it is consumed at the time of being under the influence of alcoholic beverages.

Working on Fildena 50 mg:

  • The medication of Fildena 50 mg propagates proper stimulation in the penis at the time of getting aroused or to furnish sexual prowess.
  • By enabling higher blood volumes to enter the penal region at the time of furnishing sex, it ensures that you can get a satisfactory sexual encounter with your partner.
  • The tablet creates a positive response inside your body to stimulate your blood vessels leading into the penal region with more blood volumes causing a hard erection.
  • The tablets must be consumed about half an hour before getting into coital activity to ensure it works effectively.

Benefits of Using Fildena 50mg:

  • The main ability of the tablet is to provide you with beneficial effects of an erectile dysfunction-free system.
  • Improves your sexual life with your partner does enable a better marital life. In this way, it assists your mental health or confidence as well.
  • The medication can also be associated to regularise your blood pressure levels and assisting with sexual disabilities associated with impotence.

Dosage of Fildena 50 mg:

  • Fildena 50mg online is a drug formulated to assist high-intensity erectile dysfunction conditions in men who have been reeling from the situation for a long time.
  • Consumption of the tablet must be made daily throughout the treatment.
  • Increasing or decreasing the dosage of the tablet cannot be done unilaterally. Proper guided prescription of the doctor should be followed.


Overdose on the consumption of this tablet, one individual can suffer different side effects. These sorts of things must be avoided.

Miss Dose:

Skipping the doors of this tablet even for a particular day can slow down your recovery processes. To avoid this thing, it is important to follow the prescription strictly.

Avoid To Take Fildena 50 mg:

Medications like Fildena 50 mg is not permissible for consumption by an individual who is under the influence of alcoholic products like Beer, whisky or any other tobacco-based product.

it should also be avoided by people reeling from comorbidity situations.

Side Effects of Fildena 50 mg:

  • Skin rashes, stomach issues, indigestion, and headache are all mild symptoms that the tablet can pose.
  • Intense issues can be witnessed in the rare list of cases.  These cases might include a troubled liver, respiration problems or an acute cardiovascular condition.

Storage of Fildena 50 mg:

  • Needs to be maintain in a place where exposure to direct sunlight can be averted. Extreme temperature is not good for the tablet’s integrity.
  • Require to be kept in a cool & dry place away from exposure to moisture.
  • Shouldn’t be kept outside in an airtight container as it can make the tablet vulnerable to bacterial or fungal infection.

Fildena 50 mg Review:

Fildena 50 mg reviews have been great all across the board. It has been a favourite tablet for people getting themselves alleviated from erectile dysfunction.

The drug is a hit amongst doctors who have recommended their medication to assist recovery from erectile dysfunction without many side effects.


Fildena 50mg is a potent medication to alleviate urological conditions effectively.


How quickly does Fildena 50 mg work?

The tablets need to be consumed about half an hour before sex to achieve gradual hard erection.

How much take I should  Fildena 50 mg?

For a speedy and effective recovery, the tablet should be incorporated in the system , throughout the course of the medication.

 When not to use Fildena 50 mg?

The tablet should be incorporated into the body at the time of suffering from acute comorbidity conditions.

Can the tablet be consumed to assist premature ejaculation?

Conditions like premature ejaculation may not be effectively cured by the usage of this medication.

Active Ingredient (Generic Name):

Sildenafil Citrate


Erectile Dysfunction


Fortune Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.


10 Tablets/Capsules In A Strip


50 Mg

Delivery Time:

6 To 15 days


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