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Non-guarantee of cure

RX Meds Australia is just an online e-commerce portal for buying medicines. We do not share any claims with our customers about a full recovery. Also, it is the sole duty of the customers to ensure all the due diligence as a part of buying online from us.

RXMedsAustralia is just a marketplace for medicines but does not expect that on our portal you will get any suggestions as to which medicine or what dose you should use.

We do the marketing and promotion just for sales but our objective is not for giving any sort of recommendation to our clients.  

It is the prime duty of the customers to share only authentic information with us. Hiding or miscommunicating any information with us is a risk that is born by the customer only. In case any of this is revealed then you will be blacklisted on our website and you will lose your eligibility to order online medicines from our portal again.

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