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Pain O soma 500 Mg With Its Content Of Generic Carisoprodol Can Bring Instant Relief When Suffering From Severe Muscle Strain, Sprain, And Muscle Injuries.


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➼ Suffering from pain in the body can be problematic for every person. Pain is something that can bother us a lot. It hinders our physical abilities.

➼ It puts a lot of strain on our mindset as well. Managing pain is vital for this reason.

➼ Drugs like Pain O Soma 350 Mg can help us control the pain and lead a normal life. It helps to get relief from immense suffering that can upset our rhythm and affect our lives.

➼ We must discuss the different aspects of the drug, which make it so much more potent.

➼ Gaining better insight about the tablet will increase your confidence in the drug and about why you should take this to control your body pain.

Some Information About Pain O Soma 350

📝 Brand Names: Soma, Vanadom

📝 Drug Class: Skeletal Muscle Relaxants

📝 Manufacture: HAB Pharmaceuticals & Research Ltd

📝 Generic Name: Carisoprodol


HAB Pharma is the maker of the drug. The company has achieved some prominence in this field producing quality pain-relieving drugs.

It is developed in its extensively well-developed facilities from where it is exported around the globe.

What Are The Effects Of Pain O Soma 350 Mg On Nerve Disorders?

  1. Long-term use of the Pain O Soma 350mg may not be safe for patients with nerve disorders.
  2. To be more specific the nerve disorders include seizures, diabetic neuropathy, neuralgia, and shingles disorder.
  3. Mention specifically to the doctor right at your first conversation with them as then the doctors may prescribe you a regular course with further precautions or else may look for other remedial methods.

Primary function

➼ The main role of the Pain O Soma 350 Mg is to enable relief from pain of any kind. It helps a man facing muscle or skeletal pain to get quality relief.

➼ The drug is potent in controlling any form of body pain that may happen because of certain reasons. It includes acute pain as well.

➼ The drug also offers relief from chronic pain that may come and go. It can be used as a prescription drug if the doctor approves it.

➼ It ensures that the suffering from pain does not bother you. The drug Pain O Soma 350 Mg ensures that any form of musculoskeletal issue can be dealt with.

➼ The tablet helps you to focus on your life and do not get demotivate by the pain affecting it.

Drug Facts

Common Brands Soma
Drug Class Muscle Relaxant
Controlled Substance Classification Schedule IV
Generic Status Lower-Cost Generic Available
Availability Prescription only

Working Action Of The Tablet

Pain O Soma 350 Mg Pill usually offers quality relief at the fastest time. It takes about 30 minutes for the drug to come into action properly.

The hypnotic actions of the tablet ensure that pain receptors become number. It creates a temporary disconnection between the brain and the nerves, which are transferring pain signals.

Pain O Soma 350 Mg

It is in this way that the tablet can control immense pain and reduce suffering. The effects of the tablet can last for hours and help you focus on different life aspects, which could have been hindered.

How To Take The Pain O Soma 350 Mg

➼ You have to eat this drug in its right form so that you get effective results. It is a tablet that you have to gulp down with some water.

➼ This will ensure that you get quality results without any form of loss of efficacy.

Loss of efficacy however can happen if you take this and may not take it down as a whole tablet. Breaking or chewing the tablet can affect its composition.

➼ This can reduce the effectiveness of the tablet. This can slow down the effect of the tablet to come up. It can also reduce the duration of quality relief that the tablet could have offered.

Usage To Control Short-Term Pain

Any form of External injury can lead to pain in the body. This will result in short-term pain, which needs to be controlled as well. The drug offers relief to deal with such pain as well.

Taking one tablet in such situations can offer hypnotic effects on the body. This will numb down nerves, which transmit pain signals to the brain.

Usage As A Prescription Drug

Chronic pain can happen because of conditions such as arthritis. Other nerve-related issues can trigger pain in the body as well. In these cases, Pain O Soma 350 Mg can be administered as a prescription drug. You have to have this tablet regularly at certain times of the day to get benefits.

This will help in reducing chronic symptoms and help you get relief. It can also help in offering assistance to the pain recovery journey.


Taking the tablet in its right dosage is important to see good results. A low dose of the drug may be given to people facing not-so-complex issues.

Small injuries can be tackled with this. A higher dosage of the drug may be prescribed for people facing acute pain. This includes pain, which may be triggered by authorities or any nerve-related condition.

💊 Dose Of Pain O Soma 💊

Medicines Tablet Price Price/Unit Buy Now
Pain O Soma 350 Mg 300 Tablet/s AUD 367.50 $1.22
Pain O Soma 500 Mg 300 Tablet/s AUD 382.50 $1.27

People facing deep spinal cord injuries or any other joint pain should also be prescribed Pain O Soma 350 mg.

The 350 variant of the drug can tackle high-intensity pain in the body. However, one also has to ensure that high-dose drug is not offered to patients dealing with minor issues.

✅ Safety Advice

— 🚘 While Driving

Do not intake Pain O Soma after driving. Driving after taking the muscle relaxant drug can make you drowsy. Alertness issues may crop up after taking the muscle relaxant after driving.

— 🥂 Alcohol

Alcohol boozing after taking the muscle relaxer may make people dizzy. It is advised not to consume alcohol while you are on Pain O Soma.

— 👍 Habit Forming

Yes, The muscle relaxant pill is a habit-forming medication.  Therefore, you should take the specified dose as per your doctor’s advice. Taking more than the prescribed dose can affect your health.

Interactions Of Pain O Soma 350 Mg

The drug does exhibit certain interactions with substances like alcohol. It also interacts with barbiturates and lorazepam as well. There are different narcotics as well which the drug may interact with and lead to drowsiness.

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➼ While taking Pain O Soma 350 Mg to control pain, you have to take care of certain precautionary measures.

➼ This will ensure that you do not suffer from any unwanted outcomes. For instance, the drug is a hypnotic.

➼ Consuming it alongside alcohol will result in extreme side effects. This will make you drowsy and affect your working abilities.

➼ In addition, taking this drug before doing any form of focus-based activity will affect that activity badly.

➼ Because of this, we also advise you not to engage in such activities. This includes driving after taking the tablet.

➼ You should also not take the tablet during the daytime unless it is an emergency. During the day, you do different activities and have a tablet, which is a hypnotic, can slow you down.

➼ It can even make you feel sleepy and affect your working quality.

Who Can Have Pain O Soma 350 Mg?

Pain O Soma 350 Mg is effective in controlling pain-related symptoms in any person suffering from it. Usually, the drug is administered to adult people above the age of 18. In extreme cases, a minor may also be given this drug.


1. Is 350 Mg Of Soma A Lot?

Generally, the 350 mg dose is the minor dose of carisoprodol for curing mild issues of muscle pain.

2. Is A Patient With A Heart Disorder Safe To Use Such Medicines?

We usually do not recommend Pain O Soma 350 Mg to heart patients. I still want you to please reach out, consult with your doctor for further recommendations.

3. How Long Does Pain O Soma 350 Mg Last?

It long lasts for 12 hours in regular pain. However, if your pain is acute, it can last up to 6 hours only.

4. Can A Pregnant Woman Have This Drug?

If the doctor has recommended it separately, a pregnant woman can have it. Otherwise, we do not recommend the medicine to pregnant women, for the sake of its side effects.

Active Ingredient (Generic Name):



blocks pain


Centurion Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.


10 tablets in 1 strip


350 Mg

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