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Vigora is a prescription-based ED drug that is designed to cure impotence in men of all ages. tablet increases the flow of blood in and around the genital area, giving penile erections in return

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What Is Vigora?

  • Vigora is a brand of medicine under the ED curing group of medicines.
  • The brand name has been newly formed because it is a slightly advanced medicine to help get rid of male impotence issues.
  • The way of intake for the pills is widely different here which is why the company has given a new brand to these pills.
  • Anyways, this pill can reverse the symptoms of ED or erectile dysfunction in males.
  • In case you are having this disorder the first and major symptom would be the inability of the penis to stand erect and hard even after providing stimulation and excitement to it.
  • But by using the Vigora pills you can recover from your sexual worries and still be able to enjoy your life.
  • It is the use of the Vigora pills that helps overcome the shackles of what is preventing you from penetration capabilities.
  • The generic content of the pills indicates the presence of the substance Sildenafil Citrate.
  • This ingredient of the pills causes a sense of dilation or higher blood flow through the penis tissues which we shall find out in further details in the upcoming section.
  • As for now, just remember that the use of these pills requires a prescription, and hence a doctor’s consultation is a must.
  • It is not only for the doctors to prescribe this medicine but also guide the patient through the regular dosage routine, the tenure for which they shall be using the pills, and also recommend some safety guidelines to get the most benefits of the pill.
  • But the doctors also need some critical information from the patients such as their age, current health status, if any existing disorders are present, whether they are using any medicines, addiction habits if any, and the symptoms of ED that they have been having in the last few days.

How Do Vigora Tablets Work?

So now let us know the mechanism of action for these pills. See, once you intake a single daily medicine the first action is that of release of Sildenafil to get effective and bring out further changes.

The first of these changes includes the inhibition of PDE-5 hormones, which are mostly responsible for keeping the blood flow through the arteries in check.

The absence of the PDE-5 hormone encourages the so-far inhibited cGMP hormone to get into effect and soon enough nitric oxide becomes influenced as well under the influence of the cGMP hormones.

Eventually, nitric oxide plays the dominating role in dilating the arteries so that more blood flow can occur through them causing the penis sensitivity to rise. And this cycle of changes once completed provides more sensitivity to the penis region and hence on external stimulation, the patient can find a strong and hard erection.

Use Of Vigora

  • The reason that someone may have to use the Vigora pills is because they simply cannot find a strong and hard erection on their own.
  • The inability to achieve hard erections as we told you above has been named by the doctors as ED or erectile dysfunction.
  • Most of the time such an erectile disorder could occur from any of the existing disorders in your body both physical and mental health issues.
  • But anyway, the action of the Vigora pills can reverse these symptoms on its own by inducing vasodilation as we have seen above.
  • But what you may note here is that the Vigora pills are only a temporary form of enabling strong erections. you won’t be able to recover permanently with the use of such a medicine.

How To Take Vigora?

To use Vigora pills you will need to adopt a unique method quite unlike most of the other ED medicines which need to be swallowed.

The Vigora pills are a selfdissolving medicine. hence all you are to do is keep the pills in your mouth and let them dissolve under the effects of saliva. This action only takes about 10 to 15 minutes to complete and eventually, you can get the erection effects much faster using It.

How To Buy Vigora Tablet?

To get the Vigora pills you generally have two options. One As all of you may know is the traditional mode of buying where you carry the original prescription with you and buy the pills from the local medicine shops near your house.

But this may involve a lot of time and hassling from one shop to the other. Due to online emerging trends, another method to available the pills seems to be much more convenient for the current generation. And that is to buy the pills from an online pharmacy portal.

The good thing here is that you don’t need to hassle as much and you can easily check out the availing prices so of the medicine in a matter of minutes from a few websites and then choose the best offers.

Other Dosages

Possible Side Effects

One of the core reasons why someone is experiencing the side effects of the Vigora pills is because of an unknowing or deliberate overdose. If you happen to misuse or take the drug in excess the high dose of Sildenafil brings out the adverse effects to your health.

Most often the side effects of the Vigora pills can only be mild ones such as experiencing a

  • headache
  • dizziness
  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • diarrhea
  • stomach cramps
  • palpitations
  • nervousness
  • dry mouth
  • flushing
  • vision blurring

But if you happen to be allergic to using its core substance of Sildenafil severe side effects may occur as well which include

  • chest pain
  • fall in blood pressure
  • priapism
  • lower libido issues.

Warnings And Precautions

Of course, with the risks of side effects, there is a mandatory need for all patients to follow a list of precautions and guidelines as told by the doctors. You will need to follow the dosage of the doctors and avoid using any more than a single medicine for daily use. Also, note about the tenure and avoid overusing the pills beyond this date.

It is critical to avoid the use of certain substances both medicinal and non-medicinal for these have the maximum chances of side effects. For avoiding medicinal contraindications visit the doctors with samples of all your ongoing medicines. For avoiding general contraindications you need to avoid the use of grape juice, alcohol, and narcotic substances like cocaine and marijuana.

We also recommend males keep driving especially since they may get a sudden headache or nausea, and this may take away the focus while being in the driver’s seat.


1. Who Manufactures Vigora?

The entire Vigora brand of medicines is manufactured in India by one company only and that is Ajanta Pharma. It is one of the oldest drug manufacturing companies and since the last few decades, it has also been involved in clinical research for the development of advanced and new-age drugs.

2. How To Store Vigora?

Storage for the Vigora pills needs only a room temperature-like place. Of course, the most suitable temperature for storing the medicines is around 25 degrees Celsius but we recommend you to avoid storing in places where the conditions are more than 30 degrees.

3. Can Anyone Suffering From Heart Disorders Use Vigora?

Having a critical heart disorder it is generally not recommended from health safety preview to use Vigora pills.

4. Will A Female Be Able To Use Vigora?

Vigora pills are exclusively used in males who are suffering from ED.

5. Where To Buy Vigora Pills?

Depending on your preference you will be able to buy Vigora pills online from a website or even any local medicine store.

Active Ingredient (Generic Name):

Sildenafil Citrate


Erectile Dysfunction


4 Tablets in Strip

Delivery Time:

6 To 15 days


German Remedies Private Ltd


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