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What is Azeetop 500 Mg tablet?

There are lots of people who may aware of this medicine Azeetop 500 Mg because it is a very powerful antibiotic. It works in various diseases, especially for bacterial infections such as ear, throat, nose, lungs, respiratory tract, eyes, and skin for all (adults and children both). However, doctors also use this Azeetop 500mg for other diseases like sexual issues, or even for anyone who suffers from typhoid fever or viral fever also.


Azeetop 500mg has been manufactured by an Indian company name Healing Pharma and its location is in Mumbai.


Azeetop 500 has been combined with Azithromycin and it is a very effective ingredient. However, Azithromycin is also an anti-biotic medicine and it is also utilized for treating any type of bacterial infection in human bodies. Its main function is to conjugate or synthesis the protein which remains within the particular bacteria. Therefore it also works very importantly on different types of bacteria such as streptococci, pneumococci, mycoplasmas, rickettsiae, staphylococci, chlamydiae, etc.

How to take Azeetop 500 mg?

Well, there are some ways to take Azeetop 500mg because you must remember that it is strong anti-biotic medicine. As per the doctors’ opinion and prescription you should take this medicine. Generally, as per doctors’ prescription Azeetop 500 mg pill has to take orally, and doctors always suggest taking this medicine one or two hours before or after having the meal. Therefore you have to take this medicine on a daily or regular basis but as per doctors’ recommendation.


Anybody should not do self-treatment like some people would take medicine lately, or earlier. They do not bother or care about its side effects. So, as per the prescription, you must take the medicine Azeetop 500mg otherwise you have to suffer.

How does it affect the human body? 

  • Already you people have come to know that Azeetop 500has been used for any patient’s bacterial infections and the survey has made it clear that it works very promptly and actively in the infected area of the patients. Therefore it is very essential medicine for medical professionals and of course, it is also very important to get a cure for bacterial infected patients.
  • Azeetop 500 mg is a very strong antibiotic drug that you people all know and because of that reason, doctors can give treatment to their patients for the various types of infections that happen to bacteria causes. It can cure any types of bacterial infection which are related to the brain, blood, bones, lungs, joints, stomach, urinary, intestines, and several others.
  • However, doctors also use this medicine if any patient suffers from sexually transmitted trouble.
  • Here this medicine Azeetop 500works very nicely. This drug Azeetop 500 mg shut the growth of those particular bacterial infections as well as it also makes clear the infected area and infection of the patient.
  • So, it is expected to all of you that you people can understand how does this Azeetop 500 mg work? Therefore, people should continue the medicines as per the doctor’s recommend and prescription.
  • You must remember that this medicine is very good and effective to treat these types of human body infections and almost 99% of possibilities are there to be cured from that painful bacterial infection and lead a normal life like others. Therefore, it is also important to know that the drug is assisting you to kill the all bacteria and it will never come once again if you complete your doses properly.

Azeetop 500 mg Dosage:

  • It has already been discussed that always people have to follow the prescription of their doctors who are treating them. So, as per the prescription of the doctor, if you need to take it regularly, you have to be careful about its doses. Neither you should take over the dose nor should it be miss dose. Otherwise, large trouble can arise in front of you. You may face lots of other physical issues.
  • So, always try to remain careful about taking Azeetop 500mg. However, it is an important alert to all who need to take the medicine Azeetop 500mg have to remain conscious and never skip this medicine’s doses. Even after feeling better there are lots of people who do not finish the dose of Azeetop 500mg which is dangerous for them but they are not aware of the matter. Anyway, through this article you must gain all types of information about this important medicine which you need to know.
  • Another thing you should know is if you miss the dose or leave it after getting or feeling well, as per medication you may regain the same infection, and then again you have to start the medicine. So, be careful and finish the dose carefully.

Azeetop other dosages is below

Side effects of Azeetop 500 mg:

Naturally, more or less everybody knows different types of allopathic medicines have some side effects and it is very natural. You cannot avoid that thing if you take allopathic medicines. In the same ways, Azeetop 500 also has several types of side effects such as below:

  • The individual who is taking Azeetop 500 mg can feel a vomiting tendency.
  • He can face nausea and even he may feel stomach pain.
  • The patient may get diarrhea also.

Anyway, these matters can appear temporarily. So, it is not necessary to worry about that matter rather it is important and urgent to consult that particular doctor under whom you are taking your treatment. He or she must suggest you the right option.

 Important to know:

When the doctor will start to treat your infection and will prescribe, you must tell him or her if you have any allergies, or liver or heart diseases. Even if you are pregnant you must tell your doctor because it is important for your health to consult all those things with the doctor at the beginning stage to avoid any other trouble.

Important advice:

  • You must not drink alcohol during taking this drug Azeetop 500. 
  • During your pregnancy period, you should not take Azeetop 500without a doctor’s opinion. Otherwise, your baby can be affected directly.


You must understand everything and it can be expected that you got almost all types of information from this article. So follow the doctor’s suggestion and get rid of it.


Is there any trouble creating breast milk during taking Azeetop 500?

Well, as per the research, there is a very less possibility of not getting a baby’s milk feeding but here also you need a doctor’s opinion because in some cases babies can get rash on their skin and they may face diarrhea.

Can anybody drive during having this drug Azeetop 500 mg?

Azeetop 500 mg drug does not create any drowsiness in anyone. So, you can drive and you will not face any trouble for that reason.

Can everybody (those who have kidney, heart, diabetes, liver, etc diseases) take Azeetop 500 drug for their bacterial infection treatment?

If you have heart, stomach, kidney, liver, diabetes diseases, etc you must clear to your doctor at first because Azeetop 500 is a strong antibiotic drug. So, you can get various side effects and your kidneys can damage also. Therefore you should realize the upcoming future troubles. Sudden heart trouble or liver pain can be started. Especially those who have already liver diseases like fatty liver, liver chicories, etc, it can be dangerous for them. However, you should talk with your doctor to get the right solution. It can be possible that the doctor may assist you to reduce the dose.

Can I drink alcohol a little bit?

Simply the answer is ‘no’. Azeetop 500 mg drug is an antibiotic. Therefore it is very main not to drink alcohol.

What should I do if I forget to take the drug Azeetop 500 mg at the right time?

You must consult with your physician because it can be possible that you have to start the dose one time again. So, try to complete the dose as soon as possible to avoid difficulty.

Active Ingredient (Generic Name):



Bacterial Infections


Healing Pharma, India


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500 Mg

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