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What is Azee DT 100 Mg?

Azee DT 100 Mg is a tablet available in both online sites like Rxmedsaustralia and offline stores, consumed by people suffering from a bacterial infection on the skin, throat, lungs, eyes, ears, nose and gut.Sold as a prescription specific medicine, you would need a proper prescription if you intend to Buy Azee DT 100 Mg.

All your actions need to maintain coincidence with the prescription. Any modifications to the prescription need to be done after permission from the prescription. It is manufactured by Cipla Ltd, an Indian medical brand that needs no introduction even abroad.

Get rid of infection safely because FDA has given its clearance. So, your job is to take Azee DT 100mg with water in a prescribed amount with care and wait for improvement.


Prevent/cure the infection

Suppose bacteria have created a signification population in some part of the body. At the start it may seem like minor itching, then it takes the shape of rashes, swelling, inflammation and much more. So, ignorance will not work here but only Azee DT 100 Mg is the solution.

Proper usage under the supervision of any medical expert inhibits the spread of bacteria by locking the cellular activity.

Active Ingredients

Azee DT 100 is filled with Azithromycin, so, it is the active ingredient in this case occupying more than 95 per cent of the overall composition. Those patients who are allergic to Azithromycin are not prescribed Azee DT 100 Mg. This is usually the basic check that the doctor does before moving forward.

How to use

  • There are no special ways of taking Azee DT 100 Mg usa. Just like any other water-soluble issueit has to swallow with water. So, be ready with a pill of Azee DT 100 Mg and one glass of normal water at room temperature.
  • The strength and dosage consumed should be the same as what is mentioned in the prescription. Changing them comes under the physician authority; do not change them on your own.
  • Azee DT 100 Mg need not be broken, twisted, or chewed. They are meant for swallowing which is why they don’t belong to the ODP group of medicines.
  • Using pills at fixed times is a good thing to do. It creates a rhythm telling the brain to get habituated to the medicine.

How does it work?

  • There is nothing exceptional that goes inside the body after swallowing Azee DT 100. Being an antibiotic you can understand from the name that its job is to prevent the growth or kill bacteria.
  • Now, Azee DT 100 Mg makes it possible by stopping the synthesization of proteins in the bacteria. This stops the multiplication of bacteria in the host cell and it fails to increase its population.
  • After a point, the cell becomes dead when the nervous system of the bacteria comes under attack. This is the same with all antibiotics, killing bacteria with a similar process.
  • other dosages’ starting strength range is Azeetop 250 Mg and Azicip 250 Mg is also Azithromycin medicines.

Missed dose

First of all, missing the dose shows how careless you are towards health. You may think that what grave will happen if I miss a dose of Azee DT 100 Mg, well no side effect will occur, that’s the truth, it will reduce the pill’s efficiency. Suppose you have taken pills at fixed timing all days during the course. One fine day if you forget to take the pills the body that is habituated gets out of order.

Hence, again it takes time to get in sync with the drug, thus delaying the process of total recovery.


Overdosing the drug calls side effects in the fastest manner. You cannot escape after taking excess pills, maybe the intensity will be less but side effects become inevitable. The wisest resolution in such a case is to go to the nearby physician immediately.

Suitable counter medication can reduce the damage.

Side effects

  • Inflammation
  • Itching
  • Diarrhoea
  • Abdominal Pain
  • Nausea
  • Mild Fever


You get relief from the infection that otherwise would have spread to various parts of the body.Its action of restricting bacterial growth enables it to dissuade its benefit. Proper obedience towards the prescription is needed to enjoy the real benefits.


  • Ebastine (High dangerous)
  • Mizolastine (High dangerous)
  • Terfenadine (High dangerous)
  • Astemizole (High dangerous)


  • Try to stick to what the doctor has said in the prescription. Avoid using your creativity with strength and dosage of the drug, it can have life-risky consequences.
  • It may be a situation in which you are currently taking supplements or medicines or a different disorder. In that case, tell the doctor about it during the checkup, this will ensure that the two drugs don’t react. The doctor will make the information on whether they could be taken together or not.
  • If you have a liver disorder, then be cautious. By experiencing only minor symptoms like vomiting and weakness stop its consumption.


  • Ensure that the temperature of the warehouse or place where you store the medicine is around 25 to 40 degrees Celsius.
  • The humidity or the level of water vapour in the atmosphere must also be very less or moderate. Excessive moisture isn’t good for the tablet as it turns them damp.
  • Avoid any physical damage to the tablet must be avoided at any cost. Once broken, chewed, or disintegrated the pills get less efficient.
  • Azee DT 100 Mg is best to be stored in a dark atmosphere or under artificial light.

How to order Azee DT 100 Mg?

  • It would not take anyone more than 5 minutes to place an order of Azee DT 100 Mg on The site is made with care and efficiently optimised so that anyone who isn’t much expert in gadgets and technology can also move through it smoothly.
  • First, you need to search for the medicine, second adding in the cart, and uploading the prescription. Without the proper softcopy of the prescription, you wouldn’t be able to proceed. At last, after previewing the items and necessary details continue with the payment.


What Makes Azee DT 100 Effective?

The magic behind its superb effectiveness goes to the makers, Cipla Ltd. Undoubtedly one of the world’s biggest and most reputed medicine makers. Their products are respected and touted to be the safest for consumption as they fulfil all the necessary checks.

IsAzee DT 100 Mg safe?

Azee DT 100 Mg is one of the safest drugs you would come across. Agencies like FDA, and CDCSO have given their approval to it, so you can count on it.

Azee DT 100 Mg Reviews: What Do Patients Think?

Well, the majority of the patients are in favour of Azee DT 100 Mg. But this is equally correct that you cannot satisfy everyone at the same time. Minor segments have negative views of medicine due to their experience.

Is Azee DT 100mg the best antibiotic?

Making any comparisons between any two antibiotics is not a good thing to do. This is because Azee DT 100 Mg is not the only available antibiotic. It contains Azithromycin, hence if a patient is allergic to it, then for it Azee DT 100 Mg is not even an option. So, he or has to consider options.

But just talking on a performance basis, you can surely put Azee DT 100mg in one of the best lists.

Active Ingredient (Generic Name):



Bacterial Infections Of The Eye, Conjunctivitis, Bacterial Infections


Cipla Limited


1, 3, 6, 10 Tablets In Strips


100 Mg

Delivery Time:

6 To 15 days


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