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What is Azicip 500 Mg?

Well, it has gazed that lots of people come to know about this medicine Azicip 500 Mg and it has become too popular because of its prompt action to get relief from several troubles of human bodies. Therefore people should know that the drug Azicip 500 uses to do the treatment of different kinds of respiratory systems where bacterial infections may occur. The diseases can be bronchitis, tonsillitis, pneumonia, sinusitis, or pharyngitis. Few people can suffer from skin infections; some of them can suffer from sexual trouble or infections also. These all diseases happen because of bacterial infection.


Azicip 500 has been manufactured from the institution of Cipla LTD which is a very renowned and good organization.


Azicip 500mg is prepared by a group of various medicines and it is called in medical terms macrolide antibiotics. That is why it is very popular with all the patients because it works very quickly to get rid of the problem. Even it works in multiple ways of the human body to solve the problem.

When to take Azicip 500? 

  • Therefore there are lots of people who do not follow the rules or doctor’s bits of advice about Azicip 500 Mg drug’s consuming ways.
  • You must remember that you have to consume Azicip 500 Mg medicine as per the doctor’s prescription and his or her pieces of advice.
  • Otherwise, you may face a lot of difficulties. Anyway, you can take Azicip 500 Mg pill but of course by consulting the doctor from whom you are taking treatment.
  • Therefore, you have to make a particular time to consume this medicine if you want to get the best result from Azicip 500 Mg medicine. Even you can take this medicine after taking some foods or without taking foods.

Who can take this drug?

As per medical science, doctors suggest or prescribe Azicip 500 to patients who cannot tolerate penicillin antibiotics. Even you can prevent surgery-related issues also through this anti-biotic medicine. However, you already come to know its side effects so it is a suggestion to all to make proper communication with any professional doctor. He can treat you in a proper way which you may need.

How to consume Azicip 500 Mg?

Well, you also need to know how to consume this medicine. Nothing to concern about it, rather it is very easy. You just need to swallow this tablet with a fresh glass of water and you must not crush, chew or break the drug.

How does it work?

However, Azicip 500 mg normally works on harmful bacteria, Its active ingredient is Azithromycin and it kills these types of bacteria and sometimes it prevents the growth of these worst bacteria in the human body. No doubt this is a very active medicine for patients who have been suffering from bronchitis, sinusitis, pneumonia, tonsillitis, and or pharyngitis. Therefore it has been clear to that entire people how does this drug work in the human body? You should know that Azicip 500 mg has been used by doctors to give the treatment of viral infections such as general cold, cough, fever, flu, etc.


  • One thing all of you who are suffering from these inflectional problems must follow the proper doses which have been prescribed by the doctor. If you take an overdose or miss a dose you will troubling lots of side effects. So, it is the request and suggestion not to take an overdose and be careful about the drug’s miss dose.
  • Another important matter is if you become cured you should finish the dose even still if you feel good then also you must complete the dose because you should know that it is an antibiotic.  Azicip 500 Mg and Azicip 250 Mg dosages are Azicip dosage.

What should you do if you face these types of troubles? 

  • If you face these types of problems you must consult with your doctor as soon as possible because these types of problems can bring big trouble for you. Even, there are lots of people who can get a sudden heart attack, stroke, potassium fall, sodium problems, reducing magnesium levels also.
  • If any trouble occurs then you must not try to do any self-treatment because it can invite tremendous danger for you. Your main responsibility will be on that time to communicate with your doctor who is treating you.
  • You should take his suggestion as per his suggestion you have to take medicine. The doctor may suggest you stop taking the medicine for a few days or can suggest something else which will be beneficiary for you.

Side Effects: 

People who have been taking this medicine have some side effects also like other allopathic medicines. These are very common side effects such as below:

  • Some people who have been taking this medicine may suffer from diarrhea.
  • Anyone who is taking this drug can face trouble like nausea, indigestion problem, or vomiting tendency can appear suddenly because of this drug’s side effects.
  • There are lots of people who have been suffering from an allergic problem which makes people puzzled.
  • Some get rashes, swelling, and too many itching troubles also.
  • Some men face breathing issues.


  • Those who have various vital chronic diseases like liver problems, heart diseases, breathing trouble, low potassium, magnesium, or low blood pressure, should not take this medicine without consulting the doctor properly. Apart from this, you must say the details of your chronic diseases if you have them before the doctor makes the prescription. Otherwise, you have to suffer a lot. So, be careful.
  • Those who are taking this medicine have to avoid alcohol completely otherwise you cannot prevent the unknown danger to your health. During pregnancy time you must not take these medicines without a doctor’s advice because of any types of trouble you may face. So, stay away from the risk factor.

Important to be noted:

It is very important as well as urgent to know that pregnant ladies should consult any good doctor before taking this drug Azicip 500 mg. 


You need to understand this drug you should not keep near the sunlight because any chemical reaction can happen. Even have to keep the medicine away from any hot place rather it will be better to keep this medicine in a cool place. You also have to be careful regarding the children & pets. You must keep Azicip 500 mg drug away from the children and your pets.

Diet and Lifestyle: 

You have to take food or maintain a diet according to your doctor’s bits of advice. You have to change your lifestyle but anyway you do not need to worry about it because your doctor will explain everything to you and will guide you in every way.


Yes, it is true if you follow all the precautions of the doctors you will get the best benefits of this drug Azicip 500 mg like others. So try to follow the doctor’s prescription to get well soon.


However, in conclusion, it has been cleared to all the people about the drug’s functions, uses, effects, side effects, precautions, when to take it, how to take it, etc. So, it can be expected from all of you that you will follow the all matters after reading this article.


Can you take alcohol during taking this drug Azicip 500 mg?

The answer is sickly ‘not’.

Can you take Azicip drug Azicip 500 mg during the pregnancy period? 

You should not take it without taking the permission of the doctor.

Can you take this drug if you have energy trouble?

You must be not.

Can anyone take this drug if he has liver or heart trouble?

You should not take this drug Azicip 500 mg if you have these types of troubles but you can consult with the doctor.

Active Ingredient (Generic Name):



Bacterial Infections Of The Eye, Conjunctivitis, Bacterial Infections


Cipla Limited


3 Tablets In 1 Strip


500 Mg

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