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What is Azicip 250 mg

Azicip 250 Mg is an antibiotic. The purpose for the use of this medicine is many. It has many purposes of use and is a good activity for both adults & children.

Taking in the drug will help you to provide a cure for various types of bacterial infections such as those occurring in the lungs, eyes, ears, nose, skin, throat, and other parts of the body.

You must have heard about the generic antibiotic element Azithromycin. Use the medicine in its full course without missing any of the single medications.

What Is Azicip 250 mg used for?

As told above the Azicip 250mg use comes in handy during the treatment of various forms of bacterial infections. These infections can likely occur from the same or different species of bacteria but regardless of the invading type of bacteria, this medication has shown its effects in curing various bacterial infections and disorders.

It comes from the Macrolides group of medicines and is ideally helpful for curing only bacterial infections. Do not use the Azicip 250 mg pill for curing a viral disorder.


One of the top prestigious medicine manufacturing companies Cipla belongs to the medicine manufacturing hub of the world that is in India. But apart from being an Indian manufacturer the company also exports its medicines to many other continents around the world.


Azithromycin is the only element you will find in medicine. The composite element is from the anti-bacterial infective group of medications that is ideal for curing any form of bacterial infection or disorder.

Remember that even if the doctors don’t ask you, you need to be wary and find out if you are allergic or side effect prone with the use of generic Azithromycin use as this may creep in the side effects.

Azicip 250 mg uses

Being able to cure bacterial infections and disorders is what this medicine is capable of doing. Ideally how long and what Azithromycin dose to use is generally up to the doctors to determine and recommend to the patient within tolerable levels.

How To Take Azicip 250 mg Tablet

  • Azicip 250mg tablet is generally used after having meals. Give a time Difference of at least 2 hours until you have your medicine.
  • In some cases for extreme bacterial infections and also depending on the suitability of the drug dose in the patient’s body, the doctors can recommend more than a single dose per day for the patient.
  • Swallowing the drug is the only resort to taking in the pills but you need to do it without crushing or chewing the pill.

Working of Azicip 250mg

  • Azicip 250mg working methods will inhibit some of the most essential metabolic functions of infectious bacteria. Once the drug takes its effects it will begin inhibiting the synthesis of some essential proteins in the invading bacteria.
  • As the bacteria are not able to manufacture some of the essential substances that are a part of their survival metabolic processes eventually they will die and the patient will recover from the bacterial infection or disorder.

Benefits of Using Azicip 250mg

Well, surely one of the prime benefits that come to your mind right away if you have read until now is the fact that Azicip 250mg is curable for curing multiple bacterial disorders.

One drug is so effective in killing many types of bacteria that it can help the patient recover from multiple forms of bacterial infections at once.

Dosage Of Azicip 250 mg

  • The brand name has the dose name given alongside it. the Azicip 250 mg pill dose indeed reveals that there is a dose of 250mg generic Azithromycin present within a single pill.
  • Apart from this dose, you also have some other drug variants available in the drug name. This includes the 100mg and the 200mg doses. These are the mild doses and also the form of the medication is suspension liquid form.
  • When you talk of swallowing pill types the medicine has two variants of doses. One is Azicip 250 Mg and the other one is the higher variant Azicip 500mg.


Azicip 250mg overdose is not to be done. It is something you will,l have to be highly alert to right from the start such that you only take a dose that is recommended by the doctors.

Miss Dose

Azicip 250mg missed dose may prolong the length of curability for the patient along with being ineffective too. Remember that an antibacterial substance such as Azithromycin will; work only when you keep on taking consistent doses without missing the regular ones.

Avoid To Take Azicip 250 mg

Azicip 250mg is ideally not to be taken for women who are in their last stages of pregnancy. The drug is also not suitable for taking those patients who are natural side effects prone with generic Azithromycin.

Side Effects of Azicip 250mg

Azicip 250 mg side effects may occur mostly on occasions when the patients incessantly take an overdose or if they are prone to allergic tendencies.

Diarrhea is one of the most general side effects along with nausea, vomiting, dizziness, and so on. Abdominal pain and fatigue are also some of the side effects.

Storage of Azicip 250mg

Store below 30 degrees Celsius and ideally in a place in your room where the humidity is the lowest.

Azicip 250mg Review

Azicip 250 mg reviews from the patients having used the drug so far have been quite good. Most of them have apprehended the use of medicine that has been able to get rid of bacterial infection easily.


Azicip 250mg is an antibacterial medicine used for curing multiple forms of bacterial infections.


How long does a dose of Azithromycin remain active?

Azicip 250mg is a medium level of dose and hence its effects can remain up to 5 or 6 hours.

Is there any FDA-approved bran for generic Azithromycin?

Some of the common trade names include Zithromax, Azithrocin, and others.

What are some precautions that you must follow with a dose of any Azithromycin brand?

Of course, being strict with your dose schedule is the top priority. You need to avoid both missing your doses or taking an unnecessary overdose.

How to order?

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Bacterial Infections Of The Eye, Conjunctivitis, Bacterial Infections


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