Kamagra Gold 100 Mg

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Kamagra Gold 100 Mg Erectile Dysfunction Tablets For Men. It Works By Increasing Blood Flow To The Penis. This Helps Men To Get Or Maintain An Erection.


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➜ It is really hard for men to cope with any issue that directly affects sexual abilities. Coping with these issues requires assistance.

➜ There are potent drugs that are available to help you deal with this. Kamagra Gold 100 Mg is among the major drugs that assist some men improve sexual ability.

➜ A man facing erection-related issues can certainly benefit from this. We must discuss the different aspects of drugs and about how they can help you.

➜ If you are facing consistent erection issues, you need to learn more about the drug and about how you can take it.

➜ This will offer you great insights on how you should approach your erection issues and get effective treatment done.

The Main Function Of The Kamagra Gold 100 Mg

➜ Erection issues do bother him a lot. It certainly upsets his sexual rhythm and brings in a lot of problems.

➜ Hence, controlling issues that may lead to these issues becomes vital. It is in this aspect that a Kamagra Gold 100 Mg-like drug can come in handy.

➜ The main function of the drug is to support better erections and enhance your sex life. Better erections enable you to perform better in bed.

➜ It makes your penis stay hard for a longer duration.

➜ It also assists you to penetrate the female vagina properly. A soft penis with a lost erection cannot achieve this thing.

➜ Hence, the main role of the drug is to enable you to perform in bed.

Inhibiting Effects Of The Drug

  1. Sildenafil, which is the prime ingredient of the tablet, has certain benefits. The main action of the drug is to boost erection abilities.
  2. It does so by controlling high BP levels. The drug usually takes about 30 minutes to come into proper action.
  3. During this time, it slowly starts to spread its effects and bring down high BP levels. It also has a dilating ability.
  4. A dilated blood vessel has more advantage of carrying blood to different regions of the body.
  5. The effects of the drug can last for a long amount of time. The inhibiting action lasts at least for 7 or 8 hours for an average person it can certainly exceed if your condition is not that complex.

Advantages Of Taking It

  1. A falling libido level is one of the major hindrances to your sex life. This results in loss of erection and soft penis as well.
  2. However, the Kamagra Gold 100 Mg can help you fix this. The drug can inhibit better sexual urges. It contains PDE-5 inhibitors, which help you achieve that.
  3. Besides supporting the mental health aspect of your sex life, it brings in physiological changes as well. High BP conditions resist erection abilities.
  4. It restricts blood flow in the penis, which is critical for an erection to take place. Harder erection only happens where blood infusion is prominent in the penis.
  5. The drug controls high BP-related issues. It stimulates more blood infusion by increasing its volume. It ensures that optimum BP levels are maintained in the body.
  6. This also helps in dilating the blood vessels. Dilated blood vessels reaching the penis can carry more blood now.
  7. This enables you to achieve a better erection and perform better in bed.

How Should You Take The Kamagra Gold 100 Mg To Maintain Its Efficacy?

  1. There are certainly potent drugs that may lose efficacy if taken in the wrong manner.
  2. A similar thing can happen with this one as well. You have to take the drug and allow some water. Water is the perfect solvent for most of the drugs.
  3. It does not interact with the drug. It will allow the drug to come into action in a better manner. The results will be much more effective and specific to your condition.
  4. We also advise you not to have this by breaking it down. Breaking the tablet can make it lose its composite nature. This can tamper with its efficacy.

Possible Reactions Of The Drug

➜ The drug is highly reactive with other drugs you may take to tackle other body issues.

➜ It certainly reacts with nitrate-based drugs as it has sildenafil as its core ingredient.

Sildenafil-based products are highly reactive with drugs, which support cardiac issues. Hence, you have to let your doctor know before taking this tablet.

➜ The drug also interacts with certain products. It can interact significantly with alcohol and Grapefruit juice as well.


➜ One tablet of 100mg Kamagra is taken orally with or without food, about an hour before sexual activity. If Kamagra is taken with food, its effect might take longer.

➜ Kamagra’s effect may be achieved within 30 minutes after taking the medication and may last about 4 hours provided there is sexual stimulation. Note that this medication will not work without any sexual stimulation. The maximum dose of Kamagra 100mg is one tablet per day on an as needed basis only.

➜ Men with the following conditions must begin with a lower dose of Kamagra:

  • Men older than 65
  • Men with serious kidney or liver problems
  • Men taking protease inhibitors
  • Men with prostate problems
  • Men with abnormal blood pressure

Kamagra is not an aphrodisiac and should not be taken by women and children. This medication does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases.

Possible Side Effects

  • The medicine usually does not catch my side effects. However, certain people may experience a mild reaction in the body.
  • For example, one may face issues like headaches or dizziness. Few people can also experience shortness of breath.
  • However, in some rare cases, the drug can affect different body functions and organs such as the liver.
  • The situation can be managed if you share your medical history with your doctor.
  • This will allow the doctor to provide you with the right dosage of the tablet that will reduce the chances of negative reactions.

People Who Can Have The Kamagra Gold 100 Mg

➜ Any adult person above the age of 18 facing intimate problems can consult with their doctor to have the tablet.

➜ Do let your doctor know about your existing medical conditions to avoid complications. The drug can radically enhance your erection and support your sex life.

➜ This will help you perform better in bed and avoid embarrassing situations in front of your partner.


1. Where From To Buy Kamagra Gold 100 Mg

To buy Kamagra Gold 100 mg pills you can check out an online website that sells medicines or contact the local pharmacy stores in your community.

2. Is A Patient With A Heart Disorder Safe To Use Such Medicines?

A patient generally having any form of cardiac disorder is not recommended to use Kamagra Gold 100 mg pills.

3. How Long Does Kamagra Gold 100 Mg Last?

100 mg of Sildenafil is usually enough to provide its actions for about 6 hours at least.

4. Should You Use Kamagra Gold 100 Mg Without A Prescription?

No, we always recommend you buy Kamagra Gold 100 mg pills using a prescription that helps you to buy genuine and authentic medicines only.

5. What Are The Other Brands Of Sildenafil?

Other brands that also contain Sildenafil include Cenforce, Fildena, Suhagra, and so on. if you want to try and test the effects of such brands for getting hard erections consult with a doctor.

Active Ingredient (Generic Name):

Sildenafil Citrate


Erectile Dysfunction


Ajanta Pharma Ltd


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100 Mg

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6 To 15 days


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