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What is Malegra Green 100 mg?

Malegra Green 100 mg is a prescription medicine that can help patients get over the erection issue. ED or erectile dysfunction in males can be a nagging disorder that affects the life of the sufferer sexually.

Due to being impotent, you may not be able to enjoy having a hard erection. But once the doctors prescribe you to use the Malegra Green 100mg your problem should be temporarily resolved. Malegra is a group of medicines for curing ED that has the generic Sildenafil Citrate in it.

Once you intake the medicine it should be able to produce hard erections after around 40 minutes but you have to provide some stimulation to the penis for attaining a hard erection.

What Is Malegra Green 100mg used for?

Malegra Green 100 mg USA is used to provide males as a solution for impotence disorder. Once you use the pill its effects will allow you to get over erectile dysfunction symptoms until the effect of Sildenafil is effective in your body.

Ideally, this time that is the time for each pill providing you penile hardness should be around 6 hours from the time of intake.

Preferably it is better to get your course recommended by a doctor and not rely on the recommendation of your friends and relatives as this way you can endanger yourself to having side effects.


Malegra is a highly popular generic brand of ED medicines in India. This is because its manufacturing company is also from India.  Sunrise Remedies manufactures the medicines while also handling the other operations concerning the brand such as its marketing, sales, getting into contracts with sales partners, and so on.


Sildenafil is the generic element that is composed in an equivalent amount of 100mg in a single pill of Malegra Green 100 mg. Now if you are wondering what is Sildenafil, by nature it is a PDE-5 hormone-inhibiting ingredient that provides smooth and hard erections, especially for impotent men.

How to take Malegra Green 100mg:

  • Taking your medicines largely depends on the schedule proposed by the doctors. Ideally, it is always good for you to administer your medicine only when it is time to get intimate with your partner. Preferably as there is around a 40-minute waiting time you must take your daily pill at least one hour to go before having sex.
  • Administer the drug whole with water and gulp it down your mouth. Do not use alcohol for intake purposes since it can contraindicate with sildenafil resulting in side effects.

Working of Malegra Green 100 mg:

Malegra Green 100 mg UK works based on providing vasodilation or your penis tissues receiving more blood flow. Due to this the sensitivity of your penis will rise and eventually provide a hard erection. Initially, with the effects of Sildenafil, the PDE-5 hormones would get blocked.

Sildenafil dosage:

Sildenafil dosage within a single pill of Malegra Green 100 mg is 100mg to be exact. This is a mediocre dose that doctors most likely will refer to any patient having mildly higher or severe ED.

Malegra Green 100 mg dosage:

  • Malegra Green 100mg dosage contains one significant element in it only and that is Sildenafil. Sildenafil’s actions provide the necessary stimulus to your penis tissues such that it can grow hard and erect.
  • Sildenafil the generic PDE-5 hormone-inhibiting element is the same as that you would get Viagra. This element can produce the vasodilation effects of nitric oxide to come to effect and this in turn allows the penis tissues to receive more blood flow.
  • More often the doctors will prescribe you to use only a single medicine per day whether taken daily or only on a few occasions of the week.


Sildenafil overdose is likely to be the core factor behind creeping side effects. The severity of those side effects would also be directly proportionate to the amount of overdose. Remember that you need to avoid using the medicine for too long time.

Miss dose:

Do not miss a single medication during your course. Taking your medicine at a fixed time without any misses in your schedule is going to bring much more effective work for the actions of Sildenafil.

When should you avoid taking Malegra Green 100 mg?

  • At times Sildenafil dosage can cause some side effects as given below. Remember to mention your doctor about this and if prescribed stop taking any further doses.
  • Or else the doctors may forbid you to take Malegra Green 100mg regularly especially if you have a heart condition or have undergone recent cardiac surgery or have too high blood pressure.
  • It is also likely that the doctors might check up on your health and ask about your medical history so you have to patiently inform the doctors whether you have any existing prescription dosage.

Malegra Green 100 mg Side Effects:

  • Malegra Green 100mg side effects can turn out to be the reason due to your lack of focus eventually leading to an overdose. It may also happen as you are generally allergic to the substance Sildenafil. Any of your existing medications can also have a contraindicating effect with the use of generic Sildenafil.
  • Once you are suffering from any side effects notify your doctors who should provide you with the ideal guideline on what to do.
  • Side effects can be temporary which in most cases are mild ones but they can be severe and long-lasting as well.
  • Some of the mild known side effects of the drug include headache, dizziness, diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, and dry mouth.
  • Other severe complications include chest pain, fall in blood pressure, reduction in libido amount, priapism, hazy vision, low hearing senses, and so on. Call your physician immediately if you have these.

Malegra Green 100 Mg reviews:

When asked about their experience of using the Malegra Green 100 medicines on a course most patients recollected positive experiences. Barring the few instances of side effects majority of men have been able to have a hard penis erection within minutes. This enabled them to find an easy cure for ED despite being impotent. Malegra Green 100mg reviews have so far received complimentary statements from most patients.


Malegra Green 100mg is a pill to help in temporary recovery from ED.


How long does a strength of Malegra Green 100 mg remain active?

The potency of 100mg of Sildenafil to produce hard erections can be for around 6 hours.

Is there any FDA-approved brand for generic Malegra Green 100 mg?

Yes, Viagra is the medication for Sildenafil if you are looking for an FDA-approved variant of medicine.

What are some precautions that you must follow with a dose of any Sildenafil brand?

Some precautions for using the Sildenafil brand include avoiding alcohol. Among medicines, you need to avoid alpha blocker type medicines and any other medicine that has nitrate compounds in the composition.

How to order?

To order conveniently you can choose the option to buy Malegra Green 100 mg online. This way you will not just save additional money through online discounts but it is far easier to order medicines from your home and then receive them on your doorstep too. So check out the offers and discounts that the online websites are providing.

One such website that you can use to avail exciting discounts all around the year on buying any medicine is RXMedsAustralia. Although it is a website based out of Australia it delivers medicines globally.

Active Ingredient (Generic Name):

Sildenafil Citrate


Erectile Dysfunction


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